1. What can this website do for me?
 2. How do I get started?
 3. Are there any restrictions?
 4. Why are there restrictions?
 5. Who will see my post?
 6. Who can reply to my post?
 7. What if somebody is bothering me?
 8. Will my information be private?
 9. I don't trust anyone so how can I keep my anonymity?
10. Is this website legal?
11. Am I (Grower/Patient/etc.) legal?
12. What about censorship?
13. Can I help out on the website?
14. Do you accept donations?
15. What are Feeds and how can I access them?
16. FAQ's not covered here.
Top of page 1) Question: What can this website do for me?

As stated on our home page and on the Our Mission page, we are here to help Growers and Patients get the connections they are looking for. If you are a Grower with a surplus of medicine looking for Patients or a Patient looking for a Grower, this is a great place to be.
 Through the use of our Message Board you will be able take part in a community of Growers and Patients and anyone else who has something useful to contribute. It's all about getting the available medicine to where it can be of most help. Doing so will make many peoples life directly and indirectly better.

Top of page 2) Question: How do I get started?

After reviewing our Rules, Privacy, and FAQ's pages, you will want to register on our Message Board. Of the simple registration requirements, you will need to provide an email address. This address is to send you notice of registration with our site and other important messages.

Top of page 3) Question: Are there any restrictions?

Your registration must be approved by our before you can have access to our Message Board.
 Your first two posts must be approved by either our or one of our Board Moderators.
 You must send a short notice via email to our of at least one paragraph, (no more than a few paragraphs please), explaining with simple and vague terms why you want access to our Message Board. We don't need details and we don't keep or catalog your submissions. We are simply trying to keep out the undesirables. smilely face
 For more restrictions, see our Rules page and "What about censorship" FAQ.

Top of page 4) Question: Why are there restrictions?

To keep bad guys from using computer programs that automatically register accounts on our website.
 To help keep out scammers, spammers, non-affiliated, and anybody else that obviously shouldn't be a part of our community.
 The bottom line here is we want our community to be as safe and problem-free as possible.

Top of page 5) Question: Who will see my post?

Your post on our Message Board are public only to our community.
 You can also send people(s) a private message. Nobody except the recipient(s) will see your post. Recipients of private messages will not see other recipients of the same message.

Top of page 6) Question: Who can reply to my post?

 Anyone can reply to any community post or private message they receive.

Top of page 7) Question: What if somebody is bothering me?

If people are sending you unwanted private messages, you can block them from sending those messages to you.
 You can send a message to the or Board Moderator explaining your issue. They will do their best to resolve your issue using a timely and fair method.

Top of page 8) Question: Will my information be private?

The messages you post to our community will only be seen by them.
 Any private messages you send to people will only be seen by them.
 Our community will only see your Username and anything else you optionally choose to share.
 The is the only person who can see your email address and will use that address for personal contact when the need arises.
 For more information about this question, please see our Privacy page.

Top of page 9) Question: I don't trust anyone so how can I keep my anonymity?

Don't give out any personally identifiable information.
 Use or get and alternate email address. Remember: When you get a free email account, you don't really have to use your real identity/information.
 Use a proxy service to hide your location and other technical details.
 Use a VPN service to encrypt your information over the Internet.
 All information you provide our website is kept on our internet servers in secure databases.
 For more information about this question, please see our Privacy page.

Top of page 10) Question: Is this website legal?

This website is protected by free speech laws.
 As long as our members don't use this website for illegal purposes, we're fine.

Top of page 11) Question: Am I (Grower/Patient/etc.) legal?

If you are handling cannabis products and conform to the laws of your community, you're ok.
 We have no business, nor do we care about how you interpret the laws outside of our community.

Top of page 12) Question: What about censorship?

!@#$ censorship! smilely face Our constitutional right of Freedom of Speech must be upheld; even when it's ugly.
 The only thing we will censor is abusive, hurtful, or illegal activities.
 If you don't like the way that people talk, don't read or respond to their post.

Top of page 13) Question: Can I help out with the website?

Oh yes please! smilely face
 One way to help are donations to help pay for our basic operations.
 Another way to help would be to help manage our Message Board. Anybody wanting this level of access will need to go through a probation period, prove themselves in use and knowledge of our Message Board, and pass some reliability tests.
 Technical resources may be helpful in some circumstances.
 Suggestions, comments, and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Top of page 14) Question: Do you accept donations?

Yes we do! smilely face
 As we get more funding, participation, and time permits, we will have a means for you to donate electronically.

Top of page 15) Question: What are Feeds and how can I access them?

Our Message Board uses an Atom Feed. This is functionally equivalent to an RSS Feed.
 This will allow you to view content posted to our Message Board without having to access our website. This is a great way to keep informed of new content on our Message Board without having to go back to our website and login, etc.
 You can access our Feed by using a Feed Reader. There are -many- to choose from for your computer, cell phone, etc. Two free and excellent choices are Snarfer and RSS Bandit. These choices are designed to run on Windows.
 The address you will use to access our Feed is:
 You must use your Message Board credentials for authentication to access our Feed.

Top of page 16) Question: FAQ's not covered here.

Our Message Board has an extensive FAQ section. This section can be viewed by anyone regardless if they are a member of our website.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please either review our Rules or Privacy pages, post them on our Message Board, or contact the webmaster via email at